how do I right my wrongs.. how do I heal what I’ve wounded..
how do I fix what’s broken.. how do I mend a heart that I broke..
how do I show her the world when all she’s seen from me is my back when she needed me most..
how do I regain her trust.. her love..
how do I become the center of her universe again..
how do I make her make her feel like in my arms is the safest place in the world again..
how do I make her mine again, but for the first time make her truly MINE..
how do I start over with the woman I’ve shared 8 years of my life with…

and the hardest “how” of all to ask.. how do I live without her if I fail…..

I started this post back on 09/23 with what you see above and just never made it back here. A lot has changed since I started this post and things are much better now..

As many of you that follow my blog know, my wife gave me an awakening a day shy of one month ago. The past month has been filled with so much emotion and communication. We are both learning how to communicate with each other, we want to be 100% open, but we both struggle sometimes to do so. It happens, but it takes some coaxing on both sides to get the other to just say what is on their mind. She is patient with me, and I with her as we adjust to this newness. Neither of us have ever really had this type of openness to share emotions or simply communicate so honestly. I have said, and it has been said time after time that a relationship is a journey. We will traverse anything that comes our way.. together!!

One valuable and painful lesson I took from all of this is that sometimes you have to go through the pain and heartbreak to get to the other side and come out on top. 

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